Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage Invitation Website & App?

Please find below the detailed instructions on how to share and manage your invitation website & app.

To manage your invitation right from your phone, you need six icons downloaded just once. You can download these six icons from the six secret links below

►► See Video Tutorial (iOS) ►► See Video Tutorial (Android)

Your Invitation Website link

Type (or) copy/paste your invitation link displayed above on WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram etc. & leave a short pause; the application automatically picks up your invitation details from the server like the following image.

Download Invitation as app Iphone Background

Now you can click on send button/publish post button to share your invitation with others.

It works the same way across all social media platforms.

Link 1: Invitation App Link

You need Platinum Account to get working App Link

Get Platinum Account Now →

Send your applink in whatsapp to let guests directly download your invite from whatsapp to their phones

Now you can click on send button/publish post button to share your Invite as APP with others.

To download Invite as APP, open your app link displayed above on your browser, and follow the instructions. It doesn't take much time to download because the app size will be less than 1 MB.

Once downloaded, it works as any other native app on your device. It means the invitation opens even without an active network connection.

It works on iPhone, Android & Chrome on Mac, Windows & Linux.

Invitation as Image

Right-click/Long press to save this picture on your device & share it via social medium.

Now you need to save three essential links as App icons. One to track RSVP, one to upload photos to your wedding album, and the other to send notifications to guests.

It's essential to save these links as icons because you need them many times, at least until your wedding. It's a one-time simple process. Once saved, it will work till your invitation have validity & You can manage pictures and track RSVP from the comfort of your phone.

Link 2: RSVP Tracking Link

Download Invitation as app Iphone Background
Download Invitation as app Iphone Background

Link 3: Photo album upload link

If you have iPhone, open the link above in the Safari browser and follow the images below

If you have Android, open the link above in Chrome browser and follow the images below

Photos uploaded through ★ALBUM link are published instantly on your invitation's Our Photo Album section. You can share these links with your spouse & event organizers so that you can collaborate and manage the wedding album.
Anyone who has these links can upload and delete pictures from your wedding album.

The App icons that starts with a star(★) are symbolic BOOKMARK LINKS. It needs an active internet connection to work properly.

The ALBUM link takes some time to load the first time. It depends on the number of photos you have in your album and speed of your network connection. For best results choose small photo sizes(Less than 1MB) on Wifi Connection. Upload 5 photos at time.

Note: These links are unique till your invitation validity ends. So only share with people whom you trust.

Fair usage policy: You cannot share your ALBUM link on social media (or) to a large audience with whom you don't have control. The uploaded pictures cannot contain violent (or) explicit content.
Any such content is removed automatically without notice.

Link 4: Your Notify link

You can send messages to all your guests at once with this link. Your message is delivered as push notification with your photo and also published to your website.

Link 5: Your Edit link

Link 6: Your Design link

You can choose from 50+ fonts, colors, cover pictures, BGM & Monogram design.

Once you open the above link, you'll get options to change Font, Color, Cover picture (from templates (or) from your wedding album), Monogram design & App Icon.

Iphone Background

We suggest ★NOT★ to share the customize link with anyone because anyone who has access to this link can change your Invite design.

If you saved all Secret links & downloaded your App icon, you have these six icons on your phone, which is enough to manage your invitation from the comfort of your phone.

Once you have these six icons, you don't need to revisit this site ever again.

Heartfelt wishes for your wonderfully wedded life ❤︎

weddinvit logo

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

This isn't a random site that sells templates.
It is a carefully thought-out invitation framework put together with a commitment to service.

Your Starter account validity expires in 15 days.

Why should I create Website/App with Weddinvit?

Weddinvit creatively solves many problems for you and your guests.

It's so easy to create & manage your wedding website right from your phone.

You'll get to impress your spouse & guests in no time.

Just provide your name, your spouse's name, event date & event venue. Your weddinvit & all other sub-services gets ready in minutes.

Creative people look for something more in an invitation to be unique & different. Weddinvit provides those special features. Some of them are


  1. Get a Wedding Website with a domain name ( SSL Certificate included Security built-in.
  2. Get a Wedding App with the photo app icon.
  3. RSVP Tracking with your spouse and event organizers.
  4. Exactly know the number of people attending including children.
  5. Add a personal message to your guests in your native language.
  6. Add BridesMaid, Groomsmen with their photo and bio.
  7. Send notification to guests. Let them know the last date to RSVP, your pre-wedding shoot, and other important event updates.
  8. Host the event live inside your website for the people who can't attend in person.
  9. Personalize your invitation (Font, Color, Cover photo, Background music & Monogram Design)
  10. Thousands of templating options for your website and App.
  11. Online Digital Photo Album. Upload your photos & videos to make it your complete wedding portfolio.
  12. Collaborate and upload photos with your spouse and loved ones.
  13. Connect to any third-party wishlist (Wedding Registry) or even upload your own to Dropbox & link to it.
  14. WedClock App. It's a countdown timer that ticks down to your wedding date.
  15. Download invitation as a photo to share via WhatsApp.
  16. Send invitation as App for via WhatsApp up to 1000 guests.
  17. Send notification to all subscribed guests at once.
  18. Digital photo frame app
  19. Slideshow app to use on the big screen on your wedding day.
  20. Ask your guests to subscribe to even updates at the event reception with your branded QR code.
  21. Weddinvit Android & iOS App
  22. 100% privacy, We guarantee that your guests think you used a professional web design company.


  1. Guests can save your invite as an APP on their mobile phones & PCs (They can never lose your invitation).
  2. Guests can send RSVPs easily & also specify accompanying family members, including children.
  3. Guests a save the event date as an all-day event to their calendar (Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar & Yahoo Calendar).
  4. Guests can subscribe to your event updates.
  5. Guests can receive notifications about all essential event updates before, during, and after the event.
  6. Guests get driving directions to the event venue.
  7. Guests can see your wishlist & make informed decisions.
  8. Guests get a reminder of your wedding day on their calendar app.
  9. Guests can see your photo gallery.
  10. Guests can also use your WedClock, Digital photo frame & Album Slideshow.
  11. Invitees who can't attend in person can see the event live on your website.


  1. Upload post-wedding photos to your photo album.
  2. Remind your guests with a notification to check out your album.
  3. Your wedclock app now counts up from the event date. So you never lose track of days, months, years passed since your wedding.
  4. No problem if you change your phone or lose your photos. Your photos are safe online on your digital photo album.
  5. Use Slideshow/ScreenSaver app on your living room TV at all special events.
  6. Use your wedclock as a timepiece on your bedroom side table on any old phone.
  7. Let your guests & loved ones know via a notification that they can see your digital photo album on their living room TV.
  8. Birthday party, wedding anniversary, or baby arrival, use the same account name to create an invitation for every celebration.
  9. Keep it as a memory for your love together. The smiling faces on your phone's home screen it's a memory for you forever.
  10. As long as your website has validity, you can send notifications, use wedclock, ScreenSaver App, and all other services associated with it.
  11. Just change the photos, event details & reuse the same website for your anniversary.

Few years after the wedding, nobody remembers what invitation is shared, except the person who created it. But, for him, the website still provides value.

Those are super souls who keep the website/App active even after two years because it is a memory for them.

How to share Weddinvit via WhatsApp?

►► See Video Tutorial

Just type your website link on WhatsApp & leave a short pause.

All your invitation details auto picked up from server in a second.

Just click send button to share. Share invitation upto 1000 people.

How to track RSVP sent by my invitees?

►► See Video Tutorial

Just open the ★ RSVP downloaded from your weddinvit account.

Whenever it's opened, the list gets updated in real-time.


You can also track RSVP on any device with your secret link

How to upload photos to digital photo album?

►► See Video Tutorial

Just open the ★ ALBUM downloaded from your weddinvit account.

Choose photos from your phone to upload.

Photo uploading time depends on speed of your network connection and the photo size

Choose small photo sizes (< 1MB) on a Wi-Fi connection for faster uploading times.

Upload in multiples of 5 photos at a time for best results.

Uploaded photos gets instantly published in your websites photo album section.


You can also upload photos from any device with your secret link

Note: All the uploaded photos are auto optimized for faster load times.

How to send notifications to subscribed guests?

►► See Video Tutorial

Just open the ★ NOTIFY downloaded from your weddinvit account.

Give notification title & message and click send.

All your guests who subscribed get notification on their phones instantly.


You can also send notification from any device with your secret link

You can send notificaiton upto 1000 guests at once.

How can invitees subscribe to my event updates?

►► See Video Tutorial

Ask your guests to open your website & click on the bell icon.

Your guests can also unsubscribe/re-subscribe at any time by doing the same.

What is WedClock & how to use it?

WedClock is an inbuilt sub app within your Wedding App.

You can open your wedclock with link

WedClock counts down to your wedding date till your wedding & then counts up forever.

It works as a screensaver in all devices including TV's

weddinvit in all devices

It also has a inbuilt digital clock app.

Just click/touch anywhere on the screen to switch between Digital Clock & your wedclock

It's not only for you, it's also for your loved ones.

Your old smart phone now have a creative use on your bedroom sidetable.

Note: One of the phone used in this photo is Lenovo Vibe Shot that was bought six years earlier. WedClock still works fine on it. So you can comfortably use your WedClock on any 10-year-old phones.

How to use digital photo Album?

Digital photo album is your online photo album. You can save upto 500 photos on your digital photo album.

You can open your photo album with link

Your digital photo album have 3 sub apps.
1.) Digital photo frame,
2.) Screensaver App,
3.) SlideShow App

How to use digital photo frame?

You can set any photo in your album in your digital photo frame. Digital photo frame acts any other normal photo frame, with it's own benefits.

Just click on "Digital PhotoFrame" button on your album & then choose the photo to be set on the frame.

Your living room TV now becomes an art.

You are free to change the photo in the frame as many times you want.

It's not only limited to TV's, you can use the same on Tablets, phone & even on watches.

Note: Digital Photo Frame is works great on a 10 year old iPad. You can comfortably use digital photo frame on 10 year old tablets.

How to use Slideshow/Screensaver app?

You can set your photo album as a screensaver on any device.

To set your album as a screensaver, open your photo album and click the "Set as ScreenSaver" button.

With Album slideshow, you can control slideshow with your TV remote, keyboard - Arrow Keys, or with a mouse button.

To start your album as a SlideShow, open your photo album and click the "Start SlideShow" button.

Will my website & App's work on all devices?

Weddinvit works from the smallest screen to most giant screens. From Apple Watch to Smart TV's, It works on all devices.

weddinvit in all devices

The only requirement is the device should be capable of accessing the internet.

Note: All of the apps & website are tested on 10 year old iPad & 6 year old android phone. Weddinvit Apps & Website worked seamlessly everytime.

All your apps & website are optimized to load faster in all devices. (Usually less than 2 seconds)

So create and share weddinvit with confidence.

Weddinvit is not a random site that sells templates. Instead, it's a carefully thought-out invitation framework put together with a commitment to service.

Is your service completely free?

No, but our Starter account is free to try for the first 15 days. No credit card is needed for signing up.

You can have a month of service at the price you spend for a single printed wedding card.

Assuming that spend for minimum 100 print cards, you are good to go with Weddinvit for ten years at the same price.

Besides, no one can trash your invitation. It's a memory forever.

See plans starting from $2 per month.

What happens if my account validity is expired?

Once validity on your account has expired, we will retain your data for up to 15 days.

If you do not upgrade your account within this grace period, all your apps & photos will be removed permanently from our servers.

All your apps such as WedClock, Album, Digital Photoframe, Screensaver app & your wedding website cum app stop working after 15 days.

However, your wedclock will continue ticking until you close the app. Then it will also stop ticking :(

All your loved ones who have your apps will not be able to open them ever.

That's why we offer a Forever plan with a validity of 10 years.

You pay once & forget for ten years. We'll keep your memories safe & sound.

Our forever plan is by far the best value for money.

Get Forever plan now →

How to exit graciously?

We understand not everyone wants to keep renewing every year. If you decide to bid goodbye to weddinvit, you can do so graciously.

Back up all photos you have on your digital wedding album. (We don't keep a copy - even if you are ready to pay after 15 days, we can't give it back because we don't have it.)

If your spouse or loved ones have your App, let them know that it will stop working.

Remove all bookmark Icons you have on your phone. Although you can choose to keep your App icon with your smiling faces.

Keep your WedClock running on some old phone. As long as wedClock App is not closed, it keeps on ticking even if your account is not valid.

Your website name ( will be released for others to take after 30 days. (or) we may choose to give it to other couples who are interested in the same name.